Join the Green and Smart Mobility Revolution: Take the Alstom Careers Quiz at VivaTech

Excitement fills the air at VivaTech as attendees immerse themselves in the realm of innovation and technology. Among the highlights of the event is the Alstom Mobility Theatre, located in Hall 1, Booth J40. Here, Alstom’s HR teams have prepared a special quiz for visitors, inviting them to explore the possibilities of working towards greener and smarter mobility solutions. Are you ready to embark on a career that combines your passion for sustainability and innovation? Then this quiz is tailor-made for you!

As the world seeks sustainable transportation options, Alstom stands at the forefront of the green and smart mobility revolution. Their commitment to shaping a cleaner and more efficient future has led them to create innovative solutions that redefine the way we move. Now, Alstom invites you to join their ranks and become a part of this transformative journey.

At the Alstom Mobility Theatre, visitors have the opportunity to engage with the HR teams and discover the diverse range of career opportunities available within the company. Through an interactive quiz, participants can test their knowledge, skills, and interests to determine if their next career move aligns with the exciting world of greener and smarter mobility.

Could your passion for sustainability and your desire to make a positive impact on the world find a perfect match at Alstom? The quiz will help you explore the possibilities and discover how your skills and aspirations can contribute to shaping the future of transportation. From engineering and project management to research and development, Alstom offers a multitude of career paths that blend technical expertise with a drive for sustainability.

Joining Alstom means becoming part of a global team that shares a common vision: to create a sustainable, efficient, and interconnected mobility ecosystem. By embracing innovation and working towards a greener future, Alstom is revolutionizing the way people and goods move around the world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover your potential and explore the world of Alstom careers at VivaTech. Visit the Alstom Mobility Theatre in Hall 1, Booth J40, and let their HR teams guide you through the quiz that could shape your future. Discover the possibilities, seize the opportunity, and be a driving force behind the transformation of the mobility landscape.

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